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The Hundred: Salary of Men vs Women Cricketers Explained in Details

The Hundred is a cricket league in England and Wales, featuring eight men’s and eight women’s teams. It’s organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board and began in July and August 2021.

It features 8 new city-based franchises – 8 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams. The team names are London Spirit, Manchester Originals, Northern Superchargers, Oval Invincibles, Southern Brave, Trent Rockets, Welsh Fire, and Birmingham Phoenix.

The Hundred Salary of Men vs Women Cricketers Explained in Details

Games are played in a 100-ball format. Each team gets 100 balls to score runs, instead of the traditional formats like T20 with 120 balls per team.

The intent is to draw in new fans with a faster-paced, shorter game compared to traditional cricket formats like Test matches or One Day Internationals.

The inaugural men’s and women’s Hundred tournaments took place in the summer of 2021. The men’s tournament had games broadcast on Sky Sports and the BBC, while the women’s games were on Sky Sports and online.

Today, we’ll dive into the salaries of players participating in The Hundred Tournament in England.

A question often on cricket fans’ minds is: How much do these players earn?

Let’s explore the earnings of The Hundred players in 2023.

The Hundred: Men’s Salary in 2023

  1. The total salary purse for each men’s team roster of 17 players is £1 million ($1.10 million).
  2. Player salaries range from £30,000 ($32,900) for 7th-round draft picks to £125,000 ($137,000) for 1st-round picks.
  3. Team captains get a £10,000 ($11,000) bonus.
  4. The average salary is £58,823 ($64,498) per player.
  5. Overseas players average £80,400 ($88,150).
  6. Domestic players average £53,960 ($59,170).
  7. The maximum salary is £135,000 ($148,000) and the minimum is £30,000 ($32,900)

Men’s Draft Pick in The Hundred Cricket

Draft PickSalary Amount
Round 1£125,000 ($137,000)
Round 2£100,000 ($109,645)
Round 3£75,000 ($82,225)
Round 4£60,000 ($65,735)
Round 5£50,000 ($55,000)
Round 6£40,000 ($43,850)
Round 7£30,000 ($32,900)

The Hundred: Women’s Salary in 2023

  1. The total salary purse for each women’s team roster of 15 players is £247,500 ($271,350).
  2. Salaries range from £7,500 ($8,250) for 13th-round picks to £31,250 ($34,250) for 1st picks.
  3. The average salary is £16,500 ($18,097) per player.
  4. Overseas players average £25,104 ($27,500).
  5. Domestic players average £14,349 ($15,725).
  6. The maximum salary is £31,250 ($34,250) and the minimum is £7,500 ($8,250).
  7. The highest salary of women cricketers is only slightly higher than the men cricketer’s minimum salary.

Women’s Draft Pick in The Hundred Cricket

Draft PickSalary Amount
Round 1£31,250 ($34,250)
Round 2£25,000 ($27,400)
Round 3£18,750 ($20,550)
Round 4£15,000 ($16,450)
Round 5£12,500 ($13,700)
Round 6£10,000 ($11,000)
Round 7£7,500 ($8,250)
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The Hundred 2023 Live Streaming Details Worldwide

In the UK, all games are televised by Sky Sports. The BBC also broadcasts 10 men’s games and 8 women’s games free-to-air.

In Germany, Sky Sports streamed the first tournament in 2021 on their website using the feed from Sky Sports UK.

For India, FanCode acquired exclusive 4-year digital broadcast rights. The matches are televised on Sony Sports in India.

So in summary, Sky Sports has the main TV rights in the UK, with some free-to-air from BBC. Sky Germany streamed the first tournament online. And Sony Sports televises in India, with FanCode having digital streaming rights.

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