IPL 2023 Prize Money For Winner, Runner-up, Purple, Orange Cap

IPL 2023 Prize Money For Winner, Runner-up, Purple, Orange Cap: In a thrilling match, the Gujarat Titans emerged victorious over the five-time IPL champions, Mumbai Indians, earning their spot in the IPL finals.

With this win, the Titans, led by the charismatic captain Hardik Pandya, are just one step away from clinching the coveted IPL trophy, alongside the MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings.

Throughout the league stage, the Gujarat Titans showcased their dominance and finished at the top of the points table with an impressive 20 points from 14 games.

However, they faced a setback in the first qualifier against CSK, where their batsmen struggled against the home team’s spin attack, resulting in a loss. Undeterred, the Titans bounced back in the second qualifier by defeating the Mumbai Indians.

IPL 2023 Price Money for winner and runner up

In this crucial match, opener Shubman Gill played a sensational innings, smashing a century to guide the Titans to victory. This remarkable performance secured their spot in the IPL 2023 final, where they will have the opportunity to compete for the championship title.

In this year’s IPL, the champions and the runners-up will compete for the invaluable IPL silverware at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Now, the real Question, what will the Champions and runner-up get in prize money of IPL this year? Let’s talk about it here.

Prize Money distributed in IPL 2022:

IPL has gained tremendous popularity worldwide and is recognized as the richest cricket league. It holds a prominent position among various sports leagues in terms of brand value.

Given its status as the wealthiest league, the prize money awarded to the winners of the IPL is always a subject of great interest for fans.

In the IPL 2022 edition, the prize money for the champions amounted to Rs. 20 crores, which was a substantial reward for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

The runners-up, on the other hand, received Rs. 13 crores as their prize money, acknowledging their commendable journey and efforts in reaching the final.

IPL 2023: Prize Money For Winner, Runner-up

In IPL 2023, the total prize purse for the tournament is an impressive Rs. 45.6 crores. This makes it one of the highest prize purses in the cricket world. The winning team in the 2023 season will be awarded a staggering Rs. 20 crores, which is the highest prize money offered in cricket.

Winner Rs. 20 crores (US $ 2.41m)
Runners-up Rs. 13 crores (US $ 1.57m)
Third Rs. 7 crores (US $ 846k)
Fourth Rs. 7 crores (US $ 846k)

With the final match approaching, the Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings are eagerly vying for the grand reward that awaits the victor.

The runner-up will not go empty-handed either, as they will receive a staggering prize money of Rs. 13 crores, showcasing the significant financial incentives associated with the IPL.

These highly valuable awards act as powerful motivators for IPL teams, driving them to consistently perform at their best throughout the season.

Additionally, for teams like Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants, who have secured a spot in the IPL 2023 playoffs, there is a notable prize of Rs. 7 crores each to recognize their accomplishment.

The substantial prize money and rewards offered in the IPL serve as compelling factors that fuel the
competitive spirit and encourage teams to strive for excellence.

It adds an extra level of excitement and motivation to the tournament, keeping fans and players engaged until the very end.

IPL 2023: Man Of The Match, Orange Cap, Purple Cap Prize Money

In addition to team rewards, the IPLalso recognizes individual player achievements through various awards. The highest run-getter of the season is presented with the prestigious Orange Cap and awarded a prize money of Rs. 15 Lakhs.

Similarly, the player with the most wickets in the season also receives an equal amount of prize money along with the Purple Cap.

The Emerging Player award holds significant value, and many young talents eagerly aspire to win it. In IPL 2023, the winner of the Emerging Player award will be bestowed with a prize money of Rs. 20 Lakhs, recognizing their outstanding performances and potential.

Furthermore, individual awards are also presented after every game. These include the Most Valuable Player, Super Striker, Power Player, Maximum Sixes, and Game Changer awards, each carrying a prize money of Rs. 12 Lakhs.

These awards acknowledge exceptional contributions made by players in specific aspects of the game, adding an extra layer of recognition and excitement.

Many young players, such as Yashasvi Jaiswal, Rinku Singh, Prabhsimran Singh, Matheesha Pathirana, and Noor Ahmed, will be eagerly vying for the Emerging Player award in the hope of making a mark in the tournament and securing the associated prize money.

IPL 2023 Award Reward
Orange Cap Rs. 15 Lakhs (US $ 18,000)
Purple Cap Rs. 15 Lakhs (US $ 18,000)
Emerging Player Rs. 20 Lakhs (US $ 24,000)
Most Valuable Player Rs. 12 Lakhs (US $ 14,500)
Super Striker Rs. 15 Lakhs (US $ 18,000)
Power Player Rs. 12 Lakhs (US $ 14,500)
Maximum Sixes Rs. 12 Lakhs (US $ 14,500)
Game Changer Rs. 12 Lakhs (US $ 14,500)


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