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Asia Cup 2023: R Premadasa Stadium Pitch Report, Records, & Tickets

The R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo is one of the most iconic cricket grounds in Sri Lanka. With a capacity of 35,000, it is the largest stadium in the country. Originally known as the Khettarama Stadium, it was renamed in 1997 after former Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa.

R Premadasa Stadium Pitch Report ODI Stats and Weather Forecast

The stadium was built in 1986 specifically for the purpose of hosting international cricket matches. It hosted its first One Day International between Sri Lanka and New Zealand that same year, which was won by the visiting Kiwis.

Since then, the R Premadasa has been a regular host for Sri Lankan cricket, having hosted over 100 ODIs.

Some of the major tournaments held at the stadium include the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2012 ICC World Twenty20.

The atmosphere at the R Premadasa during these global events was electric, with the passionate Sri Lankan fans packing the stands.

R Premadasa Stadium Pitch Report

Is R Premdasa a bowling or batting pitch? The pitch at the R Premadasa is generally balanced between bat and ball but has tended to favour the batsmen slightly in recent years.

The surface is usually flat and dry, with a relatively even bounce. Fast bowlers may find some early movement with the new ball, but spinners can be effective in the middle overs as the pitch slows down.

Scores of around 225-250 are usually par for ODI matches at the stadium. The quick outfield also aids stroke-making.

Dew in night matches and humidity can alter conditions to make batting easier. Overall, the R Premadasa provides a good contest between bat and ball.

R Premadasa Stadium Boundaries

The R Premadasa has relatively standard international dimensions. The straight boundaries are about 60 meters long, while the square boundaries extend up to 80 meters.

These are large enough to challenge the big hitters, but small enough to keep sixes in play. The outfield is also quick, allowing well-timed shots to reach the ropes.

R Premadasa Stadium Asia Cup Match Schedule 2023

TeamsFormatDate and DayTime
B1 vs B2, Super FourT20Saturday 09 September 20232 PM Local
A1 vs A2, Super FourT20Sunday 10 September 20232 PM Local
A2 vs B1, Super FourODITuesday 12 September 20232 PM Local
A1 vs B1, Super FourODIThursday 14 September 20232 PM Local
A2 vs B2, Super FourODIFriday 15 September 20232 PM Local
Asia Cup FinalODISunday 17 September 20232 PM Local

R Premadasa Stadium Asia Cup 2023 Ticket Price and Booking Details

EnclosureB2 vs B1A2 vs B1A1 vs B1A2 vs B2
Block A: Lower Level20$20$20$25$
Block A: Upper Level25$45$25$45$
Block B: Lower Level20$25$20$25$
Block B: Upper Level25$45$25$45$
Block C: Lower Level10$20$10$20$
Block C: Upper Level15$40$15$40$
Block D: Lower Level10$20$10$20$
Block D: Upper Level15$40$15$40$
Grand Stand, Top Level35$50$35$50$
Sight Screen North: Level 4, Corporate Box 4-D200$400$200$400$
Sight Screen North: Level 4, Corporate Box 4-E200$400$200$400$
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R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo ODI Stats:

Matches Played:- 140

Matches won Batting first:- 75 (51.72%)

Matches won Batting Second:- 55 (37.93%)

Matches won Winning Toss:- 75 (51.72%)

Matches won Losing Toss:- 57 (39.31%)

Highest Score By Any Team:- 375/5 (India)

Lowest Score By Any Team:- 86 (Netherlands)

Average Score: 225

R Premadasa Stadium Seating Map and Facilities

With a capacity approaching 35,000, the R Premadasa offers an intimate yet energetic atmosphere for players and fans alike.

The main grandstand houses luxury boxes and press boxes in its upper tier, with general seating below. The other stands like the North, South and East stands provide excellent vantage points to watch the action.

R Premadasa Stadium Seating Map and Facilities
Click to view full size of R Premadasa Stadium Seating Map

Modern facilities like replay screens, corporate boxes and upgraded media and team facilities have enhanced the stadium experience.

Food stalls and washrooms are adequately provided. The R Premadasa remains one of the top venues to watch cricket in South Asia, especially when the vibrant Sri Lankan fans create a buzzing stadium atmosphere.

Overall, the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo has established itself as one of the foremost cricket venues in Sri Lanka over the past three decades. With its lively pitch, distinctive stands and impassioned crowds, it promises to continue hosting many memorable cricketing moments for years to come.

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